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An inbound contact center is a business organization dedicated to providing phone services to corporations in different industries which ranges from Hospitality, banking sector, Roadside assistance, tax preparation companies, health sectors, car insurance and more. Inbound contact centers play a very important roll in any business organization that deal directly with customers for the simple reason that those centers are the ”ear” of those businesses and this is why inbound contact centers have become very popular and practical by the time.

Absolute;y no.  There is no extra fee or whatsoever for hiring bilingual agents

At Silverminds LLc our main objective is to provide our clients with a personalized, agile and effective service always focused on the quality of each call taken by each of our agents. Our past and current clients are more than satisfied with our services and after partnering with Silverminds llc they have realized the value we have added to their organization.

Personalizing the customer service offered by an organization has many benefits, which are mostly positive for the organization in question, since it helps to increase the percentage of customer satisfaction, their loyalty and revenue . We offer different channels of interaction with customers since some customers have different preferences when it comes to serving their customers, and on the other hand, there are others that are simply the fastest and most effective channel for interaction with their customers.


Silverminds LLC is a US based contact center with nearshore operations in the DR providing its clients with bilingual Eng-Spa agents at not extra cost, most importantly, making us very suitable for companies of all sizes and needs.  Our 24 hour call center support ensures your business is always up and running in the sense of customer service, when required.

Definitely yes!. We want to make sure that no a single call of our clients’ customers goes unanswered 

When we talk about “empowering agents to act quickly” the first thing that comes to mind is the effectiveness of each interaction that each agent has with a client at a certain time and circumstance. Empowering agents undoubtedly increases agent productivity, which leads to happier customers.
But after this little read, you are still wondering how to empower agents to act quickly, and we have an answer for that and it is this;
1) Train your agents according to the most up-to-date business practices including good protocols and etiquettes
2) Let them know, feel and sense that they are the key important part of that business and that they are the ears and eyes of your organization and that whatever they do or say is what the customers see in the company from their own perspective.
3) Make sure you hire the right people for the right client. No all agents are good at sales, some others may love sales, while other are very customer service oriented, so checking up on your agents background prior to blindly place them into any project will save your organization time and money.


We provide multilingual support for different business verticals being motor clubs to which we provide roadside assistance one of our biggest clients, but also we provide hotel and cruise reservations, product support, and sales.

Take your phone support to another level by contracting with Silverminds LLC, a US based contact center dedicated to provide the best quality on each interaction, maintaining all quality standards and complying with its clients requirements at all time, in every single call. 

Everyone who is or has been involved in any customer interaction business knows pretty well how important is the level of satisfaction customers are provided, and the reason behind this is that a big percentage of customers who are given good treatment will definitely come back for more!